Why supporting us to plant olive tree

Plant-Olive-Tree-3 Why supporting us to plant olive tree


Plant A Tree

By planting trees around the world, we can help restore areas damaged by wildfire, where critical wildlife habitat has been lost, and help clean our air and water.


What Can 1 Tree Do?

– Trees can make a home 20 degrees cooler, saving air conditioning costs.

– One tree annually produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen to help us breath better.

– Trees help offset greenhouse gases from our cars and homes.

– One young, healthy tree is equivalent to ten room-size air conditioners, operating 20 hours a day.

– Trees are home, shelter and nourishment for animals.


Olive tree is our hearts. Plant one tree.

Support us to make the world green, help fair trade, find jobs to a lot of people and make a pure environment.

By buying our extra virgin olive oil you will help us to plant olive trees in unplanted land. When you buy from us, you plant a tree, provide job.