The Symbolic power of olive tree

Olive-on-the-tree-1 The Symbolic power of olive tree


The symbolic power of olive tree

The olive tree was a prolific tree with many uses. Because of this, it was considered the tree most worthy of being regarded as “the king of trees.” There is far more mystery and truth hidden about the humble olive than most begin to imagine!


Symbolism of the Olive

Trees, from ancient times, have had a symbolic meaning, irrespective of whichever culture you look at. There are numerous mythic qualities symbolized by trees, besides common metaphors like the Tree of Life which gives us an idea of the symbolic significance of trees.

There is an ancient tradition that the “tree of life” in the Garden of Eden was an olive tree.

“the oil of the tree of life.”

It is the best oil for cooking, for using to make salad dressings, for sautéing foods, and provides many nutritious food factors to our diet.

Olive leaf extract is another recently discovered health supplement which helps the body fight off disease.

The heartiness, ruggedness, and strength of the olive tree made it an ideal symbol of the righteous man.


Significance of Olive

The olive tree has a long history of symbolism, and there are a number of representations which an olive tree is linked to. It acts as a symbol for reward, victory, strength, purification, fruitfulness, peace, fertility, glory and sanctity.


Even today the olive tree has retained its symbolic power amongst the different cultures and nations.

  • The tree of wisdom: In several cultures the tradition says that the olive tree was gifted to from gods to              people. Thus, the symbol of goddess Athena beside the owl symbolized an olive branch


  • The tree of peace: Irena, the god of peace, daughter of Zeus and Themed, was always depicted with an olive branch in her hand. Later, in periods of war, the couriers of peace were sent holding a symbolic olive branch in their hand.


  • The tree of hope: In the Old Testament a dove returns with an olive branch in the ark, in order to announce the end of flood and bring hope to people.


  • The tree of light: The olive oil was used as lighting oil and thus it was considered to be source of light.


  • The tree of fertility: In folk tradition of Greek medicine the olive oil is considered to be aphrodisiac. People offered to new couples bread in oval shape were they previously purred the first oil of the year, as an antidote to sterility.


  • The tree of health: The value of olive oil to the health is widely known for centuries. Thus, the olive tree symbolizes power and health. Moreover, this symbolism is totally accurate due to the fact that olive trees are long-lived, simple and resistant.


  • The tree of wealth: For many families the olive trees and their products represent the main source of income.


  • The tree of balance: The olive tree was considered to be the tree of balance by the Celts. For this reason they devoted the day of 23rd of September to it as that particular date the day has the same duration as the night.