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Dead Sea Mud

Spas & Dead Sea


The Dead Sea region has been known for its medicinal and therapeutic properties for thousands of years. Its pure, mineral-rich waters and warm temperate climate has made the area a center of wellness and treatment centers, and has long attracted visitors from around the world. People all over the world will spend Thousands of dollars to travel to The Dead Sea for a single dip in the Salt and Mineral rich waters.

According to legend, Cleopatra ordered the Roman envoy Mark Antony, her lover, to conquer the Dead Sea region so that she would have a lifetime supply of its mud, believed in antiquity to have healing and rejuvenating properties.


Cleopatra may have partly misunderstood the science. Whatever the qualities of the mud, the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth at 400 meters, or 1,300 feet, below sea level, has more than the usual amount of ozone in the air above it, providing  protection for sunbathers against skin-aging ultraviolet rays.


Today, the Dead Sea have become the basis for a thriving spa-based tourism industry. The Dead Sea is considered a great therapeutic resource and is on of the most popular centers of health and wellness in the world. Both the natural beauty of the region and the many healing properties of the sea itself make the Dead Sea a hotbed of retreats, treatment centers, and spas.

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Dead Sea Water

Dead Sea water is acclaimed for nourishing the skin, easing rheumatic discomfort, activating the circulatory system and relaxing the nerves. Compared to the 3% salt content of ordinary sea water, Dead Sea water contains 32% salts and minerals

The water contains 26 minerals that promote health and wellness. The main minerals at work are magnesia, known for its anti-allergic effect on the skin and bronchial tubes; bromine, which has a positive influence on the nervous system; and iodine, helpful in the functioning of various glands. The minerals of the Dead Sea are also used in many cosmetics and skin care products.



The Dead Sea’s black mud is made up of a homogeneous mixture of Dead Sea minerals, organic elements from the shoreline as well as earth. When used as a body wrap, the mud’s heat-retaining properties help to ease muscular and nervous tensions, improving blood circulation and alleviating rheumatic pain. As a cosmetic treatment, the rich black mud stimulates blood circulation and maintains skin moisture. Rich in Kaolin and silicates, Dead Sea mud draws out excess oils and impurities from deep down in the pores. High mineral levels give the skin natural stimulation while lifting away dead cells, revealing a more youthful, vibrant layer of skin.

Dead Sea Salts


Natural Dead Sea Salts are highly concentrated with 26 essential minerals such as Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium & Zinc that when added to a relaxing bath will soften, nourish, cleanse & refresh your skin. These salts have been proven effective in relieving muscular pain & stress induced tension t offering relief from a variety of skin disorders.