Raw Open Shell

Raw Open Shell

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Raw Closed Shell

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Roasted & salted

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Greek Raw Open Pistachios in Shell


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Pistachios are a wonderful addition to your healthy diet.  They feature a richer, more distinctive taste which is highly addictive. They're a tasty treat anytime!


100 % Naturally Opened Shells

Shell is opened on the tree naturally. The enlarged nut pushes on the surrounding hard beige shell to cause a natural split, while the hull, which serves as a protective cover for the shell, usually remains intact. It is not processed just dried and placed directly on the market.


Whole Pistachios with their Shells On

  • All Natural.
  • Un-shelled pistachios are easy and satisfying nuts to open.
  • Rich in protein.
  • Heart healthy
  • Low Cholesterol
  • Excellent source of fiber.



 Raw pistachios (with the shell).



Keep in a tightly sealed pouch in refrigerator.


Shelf life:

One year shelf life under the optimal storage conditions of a refrigerator.


Common uses: 

Ice cream, budding, salad, chocolate.



 Please see packing section.


Country of origin: