Unscented Natural Deodorant – For Delicate Skin




For people who have allergy from baking soda, or allergy to essential oils or do not like scented deodorants. We designed natural handmade un-scented deodorant with lower amount of baking soda. It is less active but there is no alternative for those sensitive / allergic people

Be Fresh! Natural Deodorant works amazingly and made from natural, healthy and premium ingredients. This natural formula designed to give you a deodorant that really works and will keep you fresh and confident for long hours. It contains Baking Soda and Corn starch to help fight the scent (causing bacteria), leaving you free to feel fresh all day.

If you have still have allergy / irritation from this product after reducing sodium bicarbonate, we regret to inform you that we do not have another solution and you have to stop using this product immediately.

In addition, unfortunately we do not have a natural deodorant product for people who have allergy to sodium bicarbonate and need active deodorant.

Key Ingredients

• Shea Butter – nourishes the skin and intense moisturizer with healing powers.
• Baking Soda – neutralizes the bacteria that causes odor. Absorbs odors. Gently changes slightly acidic skin pH to basic and thus completely prevents bad scents.
• Cornstarch – gives “body” and uniformity cream naturally and safely.

Natural. Handmade. Aluminium Free. No animal ingredients. No artificial colors.

Size & Packing: 50 ml. Plastic jar.