Natural Liquid Soap – Unscented





Natural, handmade liquid soap containing premium cold pressed oils for softening, bubbly skin cleansing. It manufactured and packaged by hand, using only mild temperatures to keep all of the beneficial compounds, fatty acids and vitamins intact and ready to heal, nourish and restore the skin!

This liquid soap has a very luxurious feel on the skin. It is rich in vitamine E, anti-oxidants and fatty acids that are an excellent moisturizer. It maintains the natural moisture in your skin, and forms a breathable film which prevents loss of moisture. It is mild and gentle on even the most sensitive skin. Gentle on your hands and the world around you!


Olive Oil is the main ingredient blended with a combination of saponified vegetable oils. Olive and palm oils when used in soap making are moisturising, mildly cleansing and softening. Coconut oil is an excellent skin cleanser which also contributes thick foamy lather. Castor oil is good for lather and clarity.

Mild and natural liquid soap suitable for all skin types. Rinses away easily leaving skin feeling fresh and clean. It is particularly useful for people constantly washing their hands. Can be used for hand wash, face wash and shower gel.



Feature Highlights:

– Natural Handmade Soap made in small batches.

– Parabens Free. Alcohol Free. SLS Free. Petrochemicals Free. Phthalate Free.

– Free of artificial preservatives, Fragrances and colors. Silicon Free.

– Not tested on animals.

– Environment friendly.


Size: 330 ml / 11.15 oz.