Natural Deodorant – Floral




Superbly Efficient Deodorant For Women!

Smell fresh without the health risks. Residual odor from naturally detoxified skin gets purified, neutralized and replaced by the tantalizing scent of this blissful deodorant. This gentle deodorant for women is made ​​from natural, safe ingredients scented with feminine floral for ideal protection that works! It keeps you feeling fresh for long hours.

 This fabulous deodorant targets bacteria which are the reason behind odor, making a trustworthy results. It is efficient at eliminating wetness and odor. It does not stop the body from working naturally but it works to create an environment where bacteria that cause the smell of sweat do not like to live.

Corn Starch and Baking Soda neutralize the odor -causing bacteria while natural blend of essential oils preventing the smell of sweat (causing bacteria).

Natural. Handmade. Aluminium Free. No animal ingredients. No artificial colors.

Shelf Life: 24 months.

Size & Packing: 50 ml. Plastic jar.