Natural Face Peeling Soap




Restores and controls essential moisture while cleansing your skin.

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Luscious Natural handmade soap is based on cold processed premium olive oil infused with pleasant scent of indulgent mixture of essential oils to give additional natural properties and fragrance. Olive oil considered as an excellent moisturizer, and forming a breathable film which prevents loss of moisture, making this soap is excellent for dry, sensitive and ageing skin. This luxurious soap made by a natural unique method, without artificial fragrances, colors or preservatives, by combining the raw materials and the curing the bars for 8 weeks. Its essential fatty acids and high vitamin E, A and antioxidants content make it an excellent emollient, nutrient, conditioner for all skin types, and a perfect facial cleaner.

Because the soaps are handmade cut, they are not always having the same size or exact weight soaps, no batch same as the other batch. All the soaps are about 100 g.


A natural exfoliating soap for the face and body. This delicate Bentonite clay, black seeds and olive seeds facial scrub soap helps cleanse, protects the skin cells against oxidation and gently peels away dead skin cells from the surface that cause dryness, dullness, blemishes and scaling, allowing skin to renew itself and better accept the benefits of moisturizing. It leaves your skin soft, moisturize and silky. Use daily to maintain fresh, youthful-looking skin.

A combination of natural ingredients is gently buff the skin, improving tone and texture while invigorating blood flow to the skin. Virgin olive and coconut oil penetrates deep into skin to help prevent wrinkles & brown spots. Powerful anti-oxidant & vitamins neutralize free radicals which will cause damage to skin. Black seeds has a complex chemical structure with over one hundred active ingredients which all contribute to its positive effects on the circulation and helps numerous skin conditions ranging from acne to psoriasis. Black Seed Oil can be traced back more than 3000 years to the Assyrians and ancient Egyptians. Discovered in the tomb of King Tutankhamen, Black Seed Oil was reportedly used by Queen Nefertiti to maintain her exquisite complexion. Black Seed earned the Arabic approbation “habbatual barakah” the seed of blessing for its powerful properties. Shea Butter and jojoba oil, rich in essential vitamins and fatty acids, helps heal and condition.

Features Highlights:

– Natural Handmade Soap made in batches.

– Rich in fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and nourishing materials.

– Alcohol Free, SLS Free. Petroleum derivatives ingredients free. Artificial additives Free.

– Not tested on animals.

– Bio – degradable.

– Environment friendly.
Weight: Soap bars 95-105 g, about 3.5 oz. (Handmade cut).