Lemon Lavender Soap





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Our Soaps are produced from plant oils and butters that are cold – pressed in order to preserve their natural qualities. Each soap is created from a unique blend of powerful ingredients whose attributes transform the soaps into effective solutions for different skin types and common skin sensitivities.

Soaps are characterized by delicate scent, and leave the skin feeling natured and refreshed.



A complete cosmetic treatment every time you wash. Designed to lighten your skin and banish unsightly pigmentation blemishes, Lemon-Lavender soap makes you stand out in a crowd. The therapeutic and refreshing combination of lemon oil, lavender oil and crushed lavender and rosemary leaves strengthens your immune system, cleans, disinfects, refreshes, rejuvenates and stimulates your skin making you glow with youthful energy. Feel great in your skin!


Feature Highlights:

-Handmade soaps from olive oil.

-Produced in accordance with Eco Cert standards.

-Made in small batches to ensure the high quality for all soap products.

-SLS Free. SLES Free. Parabens Free. Paraffin Free.

-Not tested on animals.

-Made with strong hygiene awareness.

-Environment Friendly.


Weight: 100 g. / 3.4 oz.