Citrus Body Butter for Extra Dry Skin.



10 in 1. Natural Citrus Body moisturizer with powerful citrus scents designed to gradually revive dry skin. It based on a combination of 10 herbal oils, vitamin E, tea tree oil, shea butter, Virgin Olive Oil and citrus oil. Natural citrus body butter contains vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and natural antioxidants crucial to skin nourishment, moist, protection and providing skin elasticity. It is carefully processed to maintain the special properties of the oils. In one application you give your skin 10 healthy oils.

Recommended for dry to extra dry skin types; for both young and mature skin.

Not recommended for gluten sensitive users.

* Natural * Animal Ingredients Free * Petrochemicals Free.
* Parabens Free * Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free * Mineral Oil Free.
* No Artificial Fragrances * No Artificial Colors * No Preservatives
* Not Tested On Animals * Environment Friendly.

Size: 50 ml.