Calendula Foot Butter




Calendula Foot Cream for Sensitive Skin-Moisturizing, Light and Hydrating. Pamper your foot with a premium foot butter that’s going to rejuvenate, replenish and hydrate your skin to keep it soft and supple. Dry, cracked feet are painful, but with Calendula Foot Cream you can alleviate the pain and regain the natural beauty and strength your feet deserve.

Renowned for its soothing, antibiotic and calming properties, Organic Calendula oil is the perfect base for this softening and restoring foot cream. The premium blend of Dead Sea salt, Aloe Vera, and Tea Tree and Organic Olive Oils ensure that your feet receive a healthy formula of all-natural, organic skincare. The rich, penetrating formula with cocoa butter and shea butter combines calendula with other carefully chosen natural aromatics such as relaxing chamomile, rejuvenating clary sage, and revitalizing peppermint, to create a luxurious foot treatment that will leave your feet soft, scented and refreshed.

Taking care of your feet is paramount to your overall health. With Calendula Foot Cream, you can keep your feet moisturized and soft no matter how hard your work environment gets.

Natural. Parabens Free. SLS Free. Paraffin Free. Safe for all skin types. Environment Friendly.

Size: 200 ml. / 7 Fl. Oz.