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2-300x188 Private Label

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Hotel amenities and spa supplies can be difficult to source, especially when you are after a product that compliments your own brand, makes sense commercially and yet is still luxurious.

Suz Beauty Care has a range of luxury products that guests and passengers will be delighted to receive and actually use whilst in your care. These and other accessories all add up to a unique and luxury experience for the guest. 

Hotels also find our aromatherapy products are perfect for creating the perfect ambiance. Your in-room amenities are perhaps the most intimate product your guests come in contact with during their stay, so choosing the right supplier is important. And all else being equal, service determines the best supplier.


Private Label


Provide that point of difference to make your guests remember your hospitality forever. Private labels are tailored to your personalized specifications. Some accommodations prefer to fashion their own amenities set, packaging and presentation design. Using our existing brand, or creating a completely new product, we can customize products to reflect the character of your preferences. We understand the art and science of sensory stimulation and passionately seek new ways to ignite the senses. We consider everything that can enhance our products to create unique and desirable experiences and help our clients drive differentiation and preference for their brand.

All aspects can be tailored to fit your needs, specifications and standards while only using the highest quality of raw materials and ingredients.

We will work closely with you to create a thoughtful and unique amenity collection.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always available.