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Commitment to Excellence Since 1952

Enjoy a delicious snack that’s also good for your health with Suz Beauty Care Pistachios.

Pistachios are edible green seeds found inside the hard, naturally beiged colored shell that grows on the pistachio (Pistacia vera) tree, native to the Middle East. The tree is one of the world’s oldest flowering nut trees, with consumption of the nuts dating back as far as 6760 BC.

We focus at the superior quality and the high nutrition value of our selected products keeping them safe from the tree diseases and the defects caused by processing methods to satisfy our customers inquiries.
We use modern machinery and expert leaders and labors in the production processes. We also have vacuum packing facilities, which enable us to supply our products with fresh taste all over the world. We have a high quality pistachios storage and packing facilities.


Pistachio, a symbol of wellness and robust health since ancient times. We are pleased to offer to our valued customers natural premium pistachios (Pistacia vera variety) from Greek farms, our products range are:


1- Raw 100% natural open mouth inshell.

The shell is opened on the tree naturally. The shell head in this kind is open & the seed is visible. Available in varies sizes.


2- Raw closed mouth shell.

The kind that its shell head is close & the seed is covered. We supply this product in varies sizes and is exported to the clients who wish to open the shell at the destination.


3- Roasted (salt + citric acid) 100% open inshell.

The kind that raw open mouth are roasted and salted to get delicious taste. Roasted and salted Pistachio is one of the most favoured processed pistachios all over the world.


4- Pistachio kernel.

We supply small quantities of pistachio kernels. These are prepared from closed mouth pistachio prior shipment; therefore have a very fresh flavour.

Sold Raw or Roasted & Salted. Great for industrial goods as well as general snacking.

Use pistachios in all your favourite recipes with these shelled, ready-to-use raw pistachio kernels.


All Natural

Made of all natural ingredients without preservatives or additives (artificial colors, flavours ----etc.).

Our products are free of / shot of external (shell) defects, internal (kernel) defects, blanks, loose kernels or foreign materials. The contents of each bag are carefully selected to ensure that all pistachio nuts included are split and of excellent quality.


Ideas for using our pistachios products

Pistachio nuts are worldwide acknowledged for their health benefits and exotic taste.
With a mildly sweet, delicate flavor and light, crisp texture, pistachios are typically eaten raw or roasted as a snack. They’re also popular in desserts, including pastries, puddings, candies and ice cream.

• Enjoy at home, at the office or on the go
• Combine with other nuts, seeds and dried fruit for a trail mix
• Mix into cereal, oatmeal or yogurt
• Add to salads or entrees
• Sprinkle on ice cream
• Chop (or grind) and use in recipes


Recently years, pistachios are also used by cosmetic companies in production of high class cream and bath products.


Healthy Products. . . Healthy Life – we focus on sourcing the highest quality products to offer healthy snack alternatives. Just a hand full of pistachios a day provides enough recommended levels of phenolic anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, and protein.