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Health and Beauty Care Industry

 Are you delivery from Raw and packing material delivery as first shipment? Formulating a new home, health and beauty item? Why variation from batch-to-batch variations? Are all you’re Raw Material testing it? Complaints of off-color or off-odors? Looking to de-formulate a product?

 WE can help you with challenging issues in the home, health and beauty, cosmetic, fragrance, and soap industries. We provide custom formulation, stability studies, and pilot scale manufacturing. From concept to finished product, our scientists help manufacturers create new products or improve existing ones. We also partner with home, health and beauty product developers from concept to finished product. Our formulation scientists have years of experience working with a diversity of matrices. Unlike other contract facilities, our clients retain the option to full rights of final product.




-Failure Analysis.

-Packaging Testing.

-Contaminant Identification.

-Materials Analysis & Identification.

 Plastics & Packing Industry

 Package/product interactions? Problems with seals and closures? Researching new additive for products? Issues with printing or labeling failures? Maximum level can be stacking product? Looking to characterize a competitor's product? Are your deliveries packing material containing recycle material?

WE offer a complete range of analyses for polymers, plastics; our testing experts have investigated a wide range of materials. Our Packing testing capabilities range from obtaining basic information to more detailed and structurally specific results. Depending on our customer needs, we can also offer a strategic combination of physical and chemical testing.



-Melt Flow index.

-Adhesive strength.

-Tensile properties.

-End group analysis.

-Additive and resin analysis.

-Found the cause of pinhole formation in bags.

-Determined cause of adhesive failure occurring.

-Identified the source of de-lamination of a multi-layered pack.

-Determined cause of "ballooning" of a sealed pouch packaging.

-Compared between two suppliers of adhesive for applied glues.

Food Industry

Problems with ink migration? Allegations of plastic contamination? Researching new additive for products? Concerned about packaging migration? Complaints of off-odors or off-flavors? Unknown substances found in meat products? Looking to characterize a competitor's product?

WE helped several of food manufacturers with challenging food testing issues. Our highly trained chemists are experienced in materials identification, physical contamination identification and food packaging testing. Our scientists design investigations to confront difficult problems with food contamination, analyzing products such as meat, milk, soft drinks and more. Not a routine lab, WE offers independent answers with customized chemical analysis. Our analyzed include off-odors, off-taste, packaging interactions and foreign object identification. We utilize multiple methods of analysis with state-of-the-art instrumentation such as, FT-IR, LC/MS, GC/MS, NMR and more.


Most companies are familiar with working with outside laboratories for routine testing, such as nutritional analyses, microbiological testing, or shelf life studies. However, when unusual problems occur, non-routine laboratories are called upon to troubleshoot quality issues and product failures.

Rather than specializing in one technique, a non-routine laboratory has experience solving complex problems that require unique and inventive approaches, often under a time crunch. These labs will often have Ph.D. scientists designing methods and experiments.

Detergents and Surfactants

The sophisticated Chemical Analysis testing lab operates as an extension of yours - minus the headaches and overheads – offering a prompt, cost-effective and seamless service.

Specializing in organic chemistry, and the composition, analysis of detergents and surfactants; Wetting agents in agrichemical formulations, dispersing agents in paints, cosmetics, shampoos and personal care, household and industrial cleaning products, pharmaceuticals Composition of individual or mixed surfactants Identification and levels of surfactants in formulations Trace levels of surfactants in waste streams Contaminant analysis in plant batches or formulated products Sourcing of surfactants and components MSDS packages.

Please contact us for more information or if the analysis you require is not listed.