How to Open Pistachio

Raw Open Shell

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Raw Closed Shell

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Roasted & Salted

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How to Open Pistachios Shells


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Pistachio shells crack open naturally once they ripen, but sometimes the shell splits without breaking. The pistachio nut does not require a lot of effort to open, so you will not need to use a nutcracker or a hammer. A stubborn pistachio nut will require a little more effort to open, but once you remove the shells you can enjoy the tasty nuts.


1-Pick up a pistachio nut and hold it between your two thumbs. Hold the pointed end of the shell facing up.

2-Place your thumbs on the open sides located at the top of the pistachio shell.

3-Pull the shell with your thumbs. This will break the shell and release the  pistachio nut. If you have difficulty removing the nut, press on the shell with your thumbs to crack it more and then pry it from the pistachio.