Henna based hair color

Henna-Based-Hair-Color Henna based hair color


Henna Based Hair Color is Based on Natural Henna which formulated by blending best quality Natural Henna with certain cosmetic grade chemicals. It is ammonia free product, requires no hydrogen peroxide and provides hair with body, bounce, luster and natural color. Natural henna based hair color is easy to use, applied for the short period of just 30 minutes to achieve a desired color.


Natural Henna used in Henna Based Hair Color

Today, Henna needs no introduction. This is an ancient shrub, which, has been used for centuries to enhance the looks and personality of both, men and women. Use of henna began thousands of years ago in Asia but now its use can be seen all around the world. Be it for hair coloring or for decorating hands and feet with temporary tattoos, more popularly  know as “Henna Body Painting”.

With the increasing awareness among consumers to use safer (in other words “Green” or “Natural”) products, henna has gained tremendous popularity. Being a purely natural products, use of henna is safe and harmless.

The US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) has issued a monograph approving Henna as natural hair color. Henna is one of the select group of products to achieve official USFDA approval.

Henna Plant: Henna plant is small, desert shrub, which grows best in dry, arid soil and weather conditions. These conditions in certain parts of India are best suited for Henna cultivation, which makes Indian Henna the “World’s Best Quality Henna”.

The botanical name of Henna plant is Lawsonia Inermis and the principal coloring constituent is Lawsone (2-Hydroxy-1, 4-napthoquinone). The leaves of the henna plant are handpicked, dried, pulverized  in to fine powder.


Regular use of Henna Based Hair Color has many benefits on hair. The significant ones are

-It helps strengthen hair roots, reducing hair fall.

-The protective layer formed by Henna prevents hair from becoming brittle and protects from UV rays and pollution.

-Restores PH balance and controls excessive oil secretion.

-Reduce split-ends and controls dandruff.

-Adds luster and sheen to the hair.