Dead Sea Spa

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Dead Sea Spa

Thank you for your interest in our Spa products range.

Suz Beauty Care has an entire range of Spa Products to offer.  All of these products are used to formulate signature treatments using only Dead Sea Minerals, Mud and Salt. Treatments are custom designed to meet the needs of urban beings, which help in leading a balanced life. These treatments are holistic and offer benefits for longer durations.

Today’s hectic lifestyle, polluted environment, tension and a host of other factors lead to extreme stress on our skin, leading to skin problems, premature ageing etc. Suz Beauty Care with its unique products contents, quality packaging, literally delivers miracles in bottles. What makes these products unique is that they are natural without any animal derivatives, thus ensuring the maximum benefits to the user.

We have varieties of spa treatments which covers every aspect of our body. We at Suz Beauty Care believe in quality service delivery.

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Discover the benefits of using skincare products made from Dead Sea Mineral