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cultivation-3 CultivationWe commit ourselves to supply our customers all over the world with high quality products, taking advantage of our 60 years tradition in cultivation. "

Our farms, at Paralion Astros, a seaside village 4 kms away from Astros has been planted with pistachio trees (the savorous  Pistacia vera  variety) since 1954. Pistacia vera trees bear the most delicious pistachio nuts in comparison with the usual Pistacia atlantica, Pistacia Kerman, Pistacia terebinthus and all the other pistachio trees varieties.

Pistachios are naturally grown in our family farms, which are famous for its premium quality and excellent taste, thanks to its climate and location. The quite hot summers and mild winters of the near to sea region of Arkadia, create an ideal climate for producing the highest quality pistachios in the world.

The trees are planted in orchards, one male tree every 8-10 female trees, and take approximately seven years to reach significant production. The production of the trees at 7 years are low. Production is alternate bearing or biennial bearing, meaning the harvest is heavier in alternate years. Peak production is reached at approximately 20 years. Pistachios need a lot of care during cultivation, it need water especially in summer, fertilizers and spraying with pesticides to serve the corps from diseases.

 In March the male trees start bearing the pollen which goes to the female trees through the air. The pistachio trees blooms during April and the kernel develops during the month of July. Pistachio usually ripens in August.