Blonde Kynouria Olive

Blonde-Kynouria-Greek-olives71-90-pieces-per-kg-300x220 Blonde Kynouria Olive

We are pleased to offer Blonde  Kynouria  variety from our farms in Greece Packed in brine.

Composition of Brine:

Brine of Blonde Kynouria variety:

Water, salt, citric acid - no other preservatives.

Water, salt, vinegar, citric acid - no other preservatives.

Olive oil optionally added upon your request, it forms a thin layer onto the surface of the brine to seal out air, preserve freshness, and add additional flavor and health benefits.



Carefully collected by hands and only the olives that are naturally ripe enough, during a time period beginning at the middle of October till January. We sort out each batch of the new gathered olives by quality and in sizes, and then we put them in olive tanks and barrels with only water and salt, without any other artificial or chemical interference. The olives come to their natural proper edible taste and flavour after about 3 (three) months since they have been placed in tanks and barrels. After this time interval, they are ready for packing and consumption.


Packing: we offer several types of packing with different sizes (Table 2). Please visit our packing section for more information.


Shelf life: Within 18 months after packing


Storage: store in a dark, dry and cool place. Keep always in brine.




(Pieces per kg)


(51 – 70)

GIGA  MAMMOTH              

(71 – 90)

SUPER  MAMMOTH           

(91 – 100)


(101 – 110)

SUPER  COLOSSAL              

(111 – 120)


(121 – 140)


(141 – 160)