Benefits of Henna

Benifits-of-Henna Benefits of Henna


Henna has been used for centuries for body decoration. Ancient Egyptians used henna prior to mummification. People all over the world continue to use henna, primarily for cosmetic purposes. However, in countries where henna is rooted in historical tradition, members of the working class more commonly apply henna for medicinal and healing purposes, as well as connection to Spirit.


  • Henna is Easy to apply and wash.
  • The most well known application of henna is tattoo or body. Its application is painless, and the resulting artwork stays visible for anything from a few days to a month - depending on the strength of the application, and the time it was left on the skin.
  • Throughout time henna has been associated with special celebrations. Betrothals, weddings, naming ceremonies, Eids, and other religious holidays, etc, are all events celebrated with henna. There are also some healing ceremonies, like the Zar in North Africa, which include its use. A common practice seen in India and in the Islamic world is the pre-wedding tradition of 'Night of Henna' parties. Depending on the culture, men may use it as well as women, usually for more symbolic purposes; masculine designs are generally very basic, simple and small in design.
  • As a healing plant, henna conditions, cleanses, colors and cools the skin. When applied to hair, it has the same effect. Millions of Asian and African people regularly apply henna to their hair because henna is inexpensive, readily available, and helps the cool the scalp in the hot summer months.
  • Henna Hair Dye, Henna hair dye has also become the best solution for dying the hair. No harmful chemicals are used and you get deep rich color with henna for the hair. Henna hair dye will also leave your hair soft and manageable.
  • Henna leaves have also been used successfully to treat a number of ailments. It has been used to coagulate blood in open wounds, treat headaches, and more. Additionally, it is used as a treatment for nail fungus.
  • Henna flowers have been used to create perfume since ancient times, and henna perfume is experiencing a resurgence. Henna repels some insect pests and mildew.
  • Henna also acts as an anti-fungal and a preservative for leather and cloth.


Regular use of Natural Henna has many benefits on hair. The significant ones are:

1-It is a natural dying ad conditioning agent.

2-It helps strengthen hair roots, reducing hair fall.

3-The protective layer formed by Henna prevents hair from becoming brittle and protects from UV rays and pollution.

4-Restores PH balance and controls excessive oil secretion.

5-Reduce split-ends and controls dandruff.

6-Adds luster and sheen to the hair.

7-Maintains the moisture of the hair.